HEMOTON High Borosilicate Glass Pitcher Large Capacity Beverage Drink Pitcher with Wood Lid Juice Serving Bottles for Iced Tea Juice Milk Coffee

HEMOTON High Borosilicate Glass Pitcher Large Capacity Beverage Drink Pitcher with Wood Lid Juice Serving Bottles for Iced Tea Juice Milk Coffee

  • Glass Pitcher with Lid Cold and hot resistant to use for green tea, black tea, flower tea etc.
  • Glass Pitcher with Lid The water bottle is mainly used for scented tea, fruit tea, cool hot water and so on.
  • Glass Pitcher with Lid a good choice as a gift for your friends, they will it.
  • Glass Pitcher with Lid Large capacity design, you dont need to fill water constantly.
  • Glass Pitcher with Lid Made from high- quality material, durable and long- lasting to use.
  • HEMOTON Glass Pitcher with Lid 1600ml Glass Kettle Strawberry Print Tea Pitcher Wine Coffee Juice Beverage Carafe Water Jug Milk Bottles

  • This glass teapot is crystal transparent with heat-resistant material, will not easily break or crack.
  • It is convenient for you to pour down the tea.
  • This is an essential for your tea table, and you can also give it to your friends as a present.
  • Size: About 18x8x8cm/ 7.07x3.14x3.14 inch.
  • This pitcher is made from borosilicate glass, withstand high temperature
  • HEMOTON Bedside Water Carafe Set with Tumbler Glass Set Mouthwash Bottle for Bathroom Bedroom Nightstand 500ml Chocolate

  • 1 Set Glass Cup and Water Kettle Set Water Bottle and Water Cup Kit Drinking Tools for Home Office Hotel Blue (1Pc Water Cup 1Pc Water Bottle)
  • Practical Design Glass Carafe Set: The tumbler glass serves as a lid to keep water clean,or serves as a cup for drinking and quenching thirst in the middle of the night.
  • In addition, it is also a good choice as a mouthwash bottle.
  • Practical Design Glass Carafe Set: This modern water carafe set including a carafe and a tumbler glass.
  • The tumbler glass serves as a lid to keep water clean,or serves as a cup for drinking and quenching thirst in the middle of the night.
  • Hemoton Caviar Dish Cup Glass Drinks Holder Chiller Liquor Martinis Cocktails Dish Chilling Chiller Bowl Bowl Pudding Cup Appetizer Plates

  • The bottom of the cup is stable and placed on the table without shaking. Made from quality and durable glass with a smooth finish, this dish will last.
  • Can be used for personal home, hotel, bar and some other places. Caviar is best served chilled at 26- 35F, as serving it at too warm of a temperature can cause the collapse of its true taste and aroma.
  • The mouth of the cup is round and can be used for direct drinking. The non- reactive component of the glass is the perfect material to serve your caviar and not ruin its taste.
  • Can be used for storing cocktail juice, red wine and other drinks. These can also be used to enjoy a shot of liquor or martini. Just place the liquor in the top bowl and ice in the bottom.
  • Use food grade safe glass material, can be used with confidence. Dishwasher Safe.
  • Hemoton Glass Coffee Frothing Cup Graduated Glass Measuring Cup V-shaped Spout High Borosilicate Microwave Safe Glass Measuring Cup Kitchen Measuring Cup Baking Tool 250ML

  • Suitable for baking shop, coffe shop, restaurant and home use etc.
  • It is durable and lightweight, you can easy to use adn clean it.
  • Clear scale design is convenient for exact reading and measuring.
  • Unique shape design make it more practical and accurately.
  • Wide mouth design, let you extract the included things easily.
  • HEMOTON 120ml Glass Coffee Frothing Cup Clear Milk Mug with Handle 2 V-Shaped Spout High Borosilicate Mug for Coffee Espresso Cappuccino Latte

  • Easy to clean, just rinse it with water, very convenient.
  • Very suitable for yogurt, juice, coffee and other drinks.
  • Ideal for many occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, parties, banquets etc.
  • Send it as a gift to your friends. They will love it.
  • Made of high end materials, durable and can be used for a long time.
  • HEMOTON Glass Water Pitcher Juice Pitcher with Wood Lid Serving Carafe Tea Pitcher Hot Cold Water Jug for Water Juice Sangria Cocktails Beverage 1600ml

  • Made premium high borosilicate glass material with wood lid, safe to your health.
  • Its capacity is large, which can serve the family or entertain guests.
  • High temperature resistance, suitable for fruit juice, iced tea, homemade drinks, etc.
  • Great party, picnic, pool to enjoy with your friends and family.
  • The lid fits the bottle, not easy to slide, and more convenient to pour water.
  • HEMOTON Glass Pitcher with Lid Water Carafe Beverage Pitcher for Ice Tea Juice Hot Cold Drink Party for Home Kitchen (Golden)

  • The surface is smooth without burrs and does not hurt your hands.
  • Made of high- quality materials, healthy and environmentally friendly.
  • Exquisite workmanship and exquisite details ensure its practicality and versatility.
  • Excellent glass material, durable, sturdy structure, waterproof and rust- proof.
  • Wide applicability, very practical, improve your quality of life, and relax your mood at the same time.
  • HEMOTON Graduated Beaker Mug with Handle 500ml Borosilicate Glass Measuring Cup Milk Jug Coffee Tea Pitcher for Easy Visibility Baking Cooking Pouring Liquid

  • One- piece molding, humanized handle design, comfortable grip.
  • Rugged and durable, not easy to fall, resistant to cold and heat.
  • Wide range of uses, can be used to pack milk, nuts, soy milk, juice, etc.
  • Can directly pour boiling water, explosion-proof and anti-explosion.
  • The mouth of the olecranon cup, the water flows smoothly without any splashing.
  • Hemoton Glass Pitcher Cold and Hot Water Carafe Beverage Pitcher Great for Homemade Juice Cold Tea

  • Crystal- transparent material with smooth surface, very exquisite and stylish.
  • High borosilicate glass material, purely handmade, delicate and practical.
  • This teapot is, durable and convenient for long time serving.
  • The special spout water outlet design, the water flow is smooth without backflow.
  • Anti- scalding handle, novel design, comfortable feel, heat insulation and anti- scalding, durable.